100,000 times thank you

A few days ago (October 29th, 2021) we crossed an amazing milestone. 100,000 users are using MailTrack with our premium plans (PRO and ADVANCED). This is a huge milestone for any company and it is a very nice moment to say THANK YOU. 

To add some comparison:

  • Basecamp: 130,000 paying customers (after 17 years).
  • SendGrid: 80,000 paying customers (after 11 years).

We did it in just 8 years.

We are very happy with our users (free and premium) who support our development and progress with their comments, ideas, suggestions and subscriptions. We also know crossing this milestone gives us the responsibility to keep pushing our development to make more MailTrack users happy and more productive with our tools. 

Performance at MailTrack

One part of our efforts are focused on the performance side. We need to track and give you real time data every single second. We know you trust and rely on MailTrack for your daily work and this is something we do not take for granted.

Roadmap at MailTrack

The other part of our work is to keep adding features and functionality you want. We read every email, every comment, every idea you send to us. We add it to our road map and we want to release these new features as soon as possible. We know the work environment for HR, Sales, Marketing and Communication professionals is evolving very rapidly and we want to keep up with your demands.

Who is using Mailtrack?

We are also very happy with the diversity of our user base. Just to celebrate we want to share some numbers with you so you know a bit more about our company.

  • We have users in 199 countries in the world. Pretty much 99% cover.
  • Our top 10 by country will be:
    1. United States
    2. United Kingdom
    3. Canada
    4. France
    5. Spain
    6. Australia 
    7. India
    8. Brazil
    9. Italy
    10. Israel
  • By gender we are very even. We know MailTrack is used everywhere by professionals willing to get more done in their GMails.
  • By referrals we want to share some cool companies and websites sending us users like you looking for the best Mail Tracker

Some numbers about our performance

  • More than 1 million emails being tracked every day.
  • 2 million emails per month sent with our “Campaign tool”. Add your recipients as a list (up to 200 users) and we send individual emails to your users. No BCC, no CC,  individual emails 🙂 
  • 2,500 teams created
  • 2 million weekly active users in the Chrome Web Store
  • 7,68M millions signups

Thank you very much for your support and everyone at MailTrack is saying thank you!!

Eduardo Manchón

CEO at Mailtrack.

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