Mailsuite (formerly Mailtrack) allows iOS and Android users to know if their email has been opened

Mailsuite, the original Email Tracker for Gmail software, is now available for all iPhone users. iPhone users looking to send and monitor tracked emails on the go can now do so with Mailsuite’s iOS email app with read receipts.

Mailsuite for Gmail is the only email tracking system that integrates with Gmail’s official app. Not only that but the tool is available as a free download and comes with no tracking limitations for users.

This new iOS compatibility levels the playing field with Android users, who’ve been able to use Mailsuite on their phones for some time now.

What does Mailsuite for iOS and Android do?

Mailsuite’s new iOS compatibility allows iPhone users to track the emails they sent from their phone’s Gmail app. They can send tracked emails even while on the go and away from their computer.

Users can also check from their iPhones the open status of their sent emails and see if urgent emails have been opened or not. More detailed information, like the time an email was opened at or how many times it’s been opened, is available through Chrome on a desktop or laptop. 

Customers that upgrade Mailsuite can view even more detailed information about the tracked emails sent from their iPhone. This includes link tracking, attachment tracking, tracking reports, and more.

The software is currently only available for the iPhone. Other iOS devices, like the iPad and the iPod Touch, can’t be used with Mailsuite.

How to get Mailsuite for iPhone and Android

Getting Mailsuite’s email tracking software on your phone is very simple. You can complete the entire process in a matter of minutes, and it costs nothing. 

This is how to do it:

  1. Install Mailsuite on your computer through Google Chrome.
  2. Install Mailsuite for iOS through the Google Workspace Marketplace (formerly G Suite).

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready to send tracked emails from your iOS phone, and check their status when you’re away from your computer.

Using Mailsuite on your iOS and Android device

With Mailsuite installed on your mobile, you can start to track emails from your iPhone.

  1. First, open an email in the Gmail app on your iOS device. 
  1. Then scroll to the bottom of the email. There, you will see Mailsuite’s logo, under “available add-ons”.
  1. Click Mailsuite’s logo to access the options for sending tracked messages.
  1. The “tracked reply” option lets you answer the conversation you’re in. “New tracked email” starts a new tracked conversation, and you can add a new recipient, subject,or message content.