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Group emails individually tracked

By using email tracking to individually monitor group emails, you can gain insights into recipient behavior and personalize your communications and follow-ups accordingly. This allows for improved engagement, productivity, efficiency, and ultimately, better business outcomes.


Send 10,000 emails at once from your Gmail at the optimal time, with email tracking capabilities.

Schedule your campaigns to send at specific times and save time, improve accuracy, and increase engagement rates.

Sending from Gmail guarantees higher deliverability and open rates for your email campaigns and newsletters.

Mail merge

Mail merge is useful when you need to send the same message to many people but with slight personalization and recipient data (name, email address, company name..) imported from a Google Sheet.

Mail merge increases engagement and response rates for marketing, sales or communication purposes.

Signature request

Send a signature request directly from Gmail, track the status of the request, and get notified when the document is signed.

Avoid the hassle of downloading and switching between multiple apps.

Mailtrack simplifies the signature request process for both senders and recipients.

Secure document sharing

Increase your security and enjoy peace of mind.

Share sensitive or confidential documents while ensuring that the information remains private and can only be viewed by authorised individuals.

Enable access controls, expiration dates, and other security measures.

Document analytics

Measure engagement to improve the effectiveness of your documents. Identify data and metrics about how your documents are accessed, viewed, and used: Number of views, time spent on each page, etc.

Determine which parts of your document are most engaging and which may need improvement.

Email productivity

By measuring email productivity metrics, you can gain valuable insight into your email management practices, set goals for improvement, and track your progress. This can ultimately help you manage your email more efficiently and effectively.


Follow-up features help you build and maintain better relationships with your contacts.

Notifications and reminders driven on email tracking insights, let you know when it's time to get back to a previous email or conversation. This way you can keep track of important tasks and make sure you do not forget to follow up with important contacts.

And many other features

Track clicks on links

Tracking clicks on links in your emails to gather data on recipient behavior and interests.

Custom signature

A custom email signature can help make your emails look more professional and increase brand recognition.


Get a complete view of all recipient interactions in one place and gain insights into behaviors and preferences.

Delivery certificate

The certificate serves as proof that you sent an email, that it was delivered correctly and that it was opened.


Send a copy of your tracked emails to your CRM or connect to over 4,000 apps via Zapier.

Mobile add-on

Send tracked emails and check reading status using Gmail official app in your cellphone.

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GDPR Compliant

Mailtrack services are trusted by more than 116,000 paying subscribers and companies around the world.

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