Get answers with Mailsuite (formerly Mailtrack) reminders!

Have you ever sent out a job application, or tried invoicing someone for a service you’ve provided and not received a response? If so, then our Reminders feature could be just what you need!

Reminders let you know if an email hasn’t been opened so that you can take action to make sure that it doesn’t go unnoticed!

The reminders feature is enabled by default for customers, but can be activated/dis-activated in your Mailsuite settings.

If the recipient opens your email (and-better yet-replies) within 24 hours then great! Otherwise, Mailsuite for Gmail will send you a reminder via email to let you know that your email hasn’t been opened.

You can then decide whether to follow up with the person right away, ‘snooze’ the reminder for 24 or 48 hours to give them more time to reply, or disable reminders for this particular contact altogether!

There is one flaw with the reminders, however (and it would be wrong of us not to mention it): If you send an email to someone and they do not have their email account configured to download/display images (our tracking involves the use of a 0x0 .png image) then you may receive a reminder notification even if the email has actually been opened and replied to. This seems to happen particularly with people who use Outlook. As mentioned previously, though, you can always disable reminders for people who you know use Outlook and/or don’t download images in their emails so that you don’t receive reminders for emails you know have been opened.

The reminders feature is pretty useful for making sure that your email communications stay on track (if we do say so ourselves ?), which is why we’ve made it a paid feature.