Can Mailsuite improve your communication?

When dealing with different forms of communication, there are some factors that are really important to consider. One of these is the trust between the sender and the receiver, or the seller and the customer. Another thing you need to consider is the communication channel that you choose.

One of the great things about using WhatsApp is the read receipts you get, with the little blue checks you get, when someone has read the message you have sent. You can’t always get that when using E-mails, but if you have a Gmail account, you can get this with Mailsuite. This is not a tool for everyone but if you think your emails are important for your business, please consider Mailsuite.

What is Mailsuite?

Every day, billions of emails are being sent, without people knowing if they are even being read, ending up in the spam filter or perhaps if they even reach the receiver.

Sending emails is easy, but ensuring that the reader receives your emails and opens it, is key for your business. Imagine how many mails are being sent by you or your team, without confirmation of the delivery.

With Mailsuite we want to help you with the best tool for your Gmail. We want to empower 1.6 billion Gmail users with the best tool for their daily Gmail management.

So why keep guessing whether or not your mails have reached their destination, if they have been read or even opened, when you can be told by Mailsuite.

Stop guessing if your mails are working or when to do follow ups. Mailsuite will help you understand, review and really track your emails in a professional way.

How can Mailsuite improve your communication?

As already mentioned, Mailsuite allows you to see if your emails have reached their destination, have been read or if they haven’t even been opened.

This allows you to do a couple different things with this information. First if you can see that very few of your emails are being opened, it might be because they end up in the spam filter, and therefore are not being seen. 👎

If this is the case, there is no reason to do follow ups, because following up on an email that hasn’t been read is more or less a waste of time and chances are, that your followup will end in the same place. This can be a good indicator to try and change the approach to your emails, and save time on customers who aren’t reading your emails.

It could also be that a lot of your emails are actually being opened, but your customers are not replying. If this is the case, you now know where it would be relevant to do follow ups, or maybe try to improve the content of your email, to trigger a response from your customers.

The information your can get out of using Mailsuite

  • Are your emails reaching the receiver? ✅
  • Are your emails being opened? ✅
  • What type of emails are the most efficient ones? ✅
  • When is it relevant to do follow ups? ✅

Trust in the communication

Gaining trust from people who can’t see or hear you (or maybe never see you) requires a lot of understanding and communication. This also means that you should pick your form of communication very carefully, have a look at what your message is, how this is being received by the customers, and of course, how you can improve your reliability.

All this leads us to the questions, whether or not you can increase your level of trust using Mailsuite, how you can do this and what Mailsuite has to offer, that other messaging options can’t provide

But first. let’s have a look at some of the most important things, that can increase your customers trust in you:

  • Honesty ✅
  • Availability ✅
  • Responsiveness ✅
  • Being visible ✅
  • Professionalism ✅
  • The level of service you provide ✅

Now that we know what can help you gain trust, let’s have a look at how Mailsuite can help you achieve these factors and increase your reliability 📈

Can Mailsuite improve your reliability?

By using Mailsuite, you provide a lot of great benefits for your customers, which all helps increasing your reliability, such as:

  • Provide verification of your messages ✅
  • Your customers will get a follow up that makes sense ✅
  • You can create a list of users and track their messages individually ✅
  • It is fast and convenient ✅
  • It also works in your Gmail app on your Phone ✅

These are only some of the benefits of using a WhatsApp Widget to help you increase your reliability.

In general, this makes it a lot easier for you to differentiate between your users, and only provide relevant follow-ups or feedback to your customers, which helps increase their trust in you.

If you only provide irrelevant material, which your customers have no use for, they will see through you immediately and that will probably lead to them never really responding to your mails, because they have zero trust in you.

In other words, Mailsuite also helps you find the best solutions for your customers, and find the most relevant solutions. Instead of blindly working your way towards them, why not try to actually find a solution for them?

Read Receipts

This is a service that you don’t get using most email providers, or some other forms of communication and it connects you and the customer a bit closer in the conversation.

In many ways, the read receipts changes the way the customer acts in the conversation. By getting proof that you are actually available in the conversation, it gives a closer feeling of actually getting a good service and someone being there to help you! 🙌

You don’t get the same feeling when using f.x. other emails without Mailsuite, so make sure you are integrating Mailsuite to your Gmail account. 📧