Keeping track of responses to your most important emails with Monitor Reply

Have found yourself in a situation where you’ve sent several important emails in Gmail in a short time and you need some sort of response from the people you’ve sent it to?

Let’s get more specific: maybe you’re waiting for confirmation that a company has received your job application or portfolio. Or maybe you need an answer to a question in order to be able to complete a task or something along those lines.

Research has shown us that these are common scenarios for Mailtrack for Gmail users and a solution that they would like to see integrated as part of our features. We took up the challenge of designing something that helps keep track of who’s replied to your most important emails. The result is a feature we’re calling Monitor Reply.

Know when it’s time to follow up: Monitor Reply officially launches as paid feature

Sometimes keeping track of who has or hasn’t replied to your most important messages in Gmail can be complicated. When you activate Monitor Reply, you get a notification (via email) if your email still hasn’t received a response more than 24 hours after you sent it. That way, you can better decide on which action to take next, whether that’s sending a reminder or chasing up with a call.

We’re no longer testing Monitor Reply as a free feature

You may have already been using Monitor Reply for a while now. Part of our business strategy is to allow our users to test new features for free before moving them to our paid plans. It’s how we pay the bills at Mailtrack HQ.

Monitor Reply is a feature we’ve been testing for some time now and, thanks to the positive feedback we’ve received, we’re officially launching it as a premium feature from today.

How can I keep using Monitor Reply?

If you’ve been getting value out of Monitor Reply and wish to keep using it, all you need to do is upgrade. Mailtrack’s premium features are designed to help you maintain a more efficient and productive overall email workflow in Gmail.

As always, your feedback and opinions are important to us as they help us to continue to shape the product in a way that adds value to your Gmail experience.

We hope you continue to get the best out of your emails with Mailtrack!