Filter Your Emails by Reading Status With the Mailtrack Dashboard

Do you need a place where you can know if all your tracked emails have been opened or not? Meet the Dashboard, a free feature for any Gmail user that keeps the record of all your messages sent with MailTrack.

Why a dashboard for

You can check the history of your tracked emails in only one place. Filter all the messages that haven’t been opened and know what to do next. Click the “read emails” option and make sure you know who are the contacts that opened what you sent.

How can I access my dashboard?

After installing our extension, just go to and you’ll see your dashboard by default. If you don’t see it, or if you want to access it from a device or browser without MailTrack, open it on on

How much does it cost?

Nothing. This feature is 100% free for Gmail, forever.

What do you think about our new Dashboard? Do you have any other questions or suggestions? Let us know!