BIG NEWS: Mailtrack is now Mailsuite!

mailsuite logo

We have moved to For now, we are keeping our look and logo just a bit longer. But a full redesign and a new logo are on the way. Beyond a new name, we’re also reinventing our approach with a fresh, new vision.

Since I joined Mailtrack in 2015, my dream has been to transform the concept of email towards enhancing personal connections. I’ve never been interested in achieving inbox zero, rapid responses, or robotic sequences. Instead, I envisioned an email that fosters and deepens relationships. Here’s how. 

  • For the Solopreneur and Small Business: Our features are perfect for those who value genuine, one-on-one email exchanges over those big, faceless solutions built for large companies that tend to forget that individuals are people.  
  • Beyond ‘Inbox Zero’: Our vision will transform your current email solution into a tool for building stronger, more meaningful connections.
  • Solving Email Fragmentation: Email often falls short in managing connections. With information fragmented across countless emails, the process of appropriately caring for relationships becomes exceptionally challenging. We address this by making it easier to nurture and maintain your business relationships.

Mailsuite offers a suite of advanced features for initiating, cultivating, and sustaining valuable connections through email. The beauty of it all? You won’t have to abandon your usual email routine or change the way you work. Simply use email as you always have.

Mailsuite reimagines email for a world where personal relationships are central to business. 


Eduardo Manchón

CEO at Mailsuite (formerly Mailtrack)

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