This Is How Ulabox’s Co-Founder Uses Mailsuite — And So Can You

Either through support channels, our UserEcho website, or social media, almost every day we learn about the different ways our users take advantage of Mailsuite for Gmail for their personal and professional life.

To better evaluate how we can improve our Chrome extension and make it even more useful to you all, we decided to start an interview section on our blog. We also thought that sharing these stories could provide you with some interesting insights on how to use email and Mailsuite as a productivity tool.

This month, we’ve asked David Baratech, Co-Founder of the Spanish online supermarket Ulabox, in which tasks Mailsuite gives him a hand in his everyday routine. We were glad to know, though, that David doesn’t use our extension solely for professional purposes.

“Mailsuite is perfect for those who work in teams.”

David Baratech, Co-Founder, CMO & CPO at

When everything started going online, you and I wondered when we would begin buying our groceries through the web. David Baratech, together with Sergi de Pablos, and later on, Jaume Gomà, came up with the answer in 2010 with Ulabox, a 100 percent online supermarket from Spain which has reported 4 million euros in sales in the year ending 2014.

Last year, for our first anniversary campaign, we were more than happy to send David Baratech one of our official T-shirts after learning he was one of Mailsuite’s top users in the number of emails sent. Not only because we were impressed that one of Ulabox’s cofounder was using our tool, but also because we’re loyal consumers of his service, one from which we’re ordering groceries for our office every other week.

One weekend, David spared some of the time he dedicates to mountain hiking in Barcelona to fulfill our curiosity on how he uses Mailsuite.

David, tell us a little what is your role as the CPO at Ulabox?
My main job is to take care of Ulabox as a product, which of course goes way beyond our website, or the items shoppers receive at their offices or homes. As a product manager, I’m responsible for the entire experience our clients have when interacting with us, from when they first discover our website until their very last interaction with us. At the same time, I’m also responsible for Ulabox’s Marketing area, which is a very pleasing sector to be at in our company, since most of our users get to know us in very organic way.

Does our extension help you complete some of your tasks?
The simple fact that Mailsuite can tell you if the email you sent has been opened or not is just priceless. It’s very useful for when we need to communicate with external players, such as prospects, customers, partners, etc. And it’s perfect for all of those who work in teams too.

“Internal communication becomes smarter:

there is less of a need for follow-ups, of extra emails”

It’s interesting to know you use Mailsuite with your team. Would you mind telling us how?
Email is an old, powerful tool. We all know it needs improvements, but we’re also aware of its potentialities. When we’re exchanging emails within a team without using Mailsuite, it’s hard to know who is really aware of what has been said. With this extension, the internal communication workflow is smarter: there is less of a need for follow-ups, of extra emails, and of conversations asking, “Did you see this or that?”. It’s a great complement, not only for the professional life, but also for the personal one.

So, do you use Mailsuite to also communicate with family and friends?
Oh, yeah, for everything. The big advantage Mailsuite has, in my opinion, is to turn email into what it really is. Email should not be an online chat! With more information on who read what, I’m able to take the number of emails to a minimum. My conversations online become more relevant, less frequent; therefore, I save time.

How did you get to know our tool?
The first time I heard about it was in a talk with Daniel Giménez, founder of Trovit, and a close friend mine. Daniel had become an evangelist of Mailsuite after becoming really enthusiastic about the project, and believing that such a tool would be incredibly useful for entrepreneurs and professionals like myself.

“I was impressed by how Mailsuite integrates

so seamlessly to the Gmail app”

Did you know that email tracking existed?
Yes, but only for bulk messaging in email marketing. I didn’t know you could send individual tracked messages, which I thought was a good idea. At first, I was worried that the extension would change my email usability, or even make it slower or more difficult, but I was impressed by how smooth Mailsuite is and how it integrates so seamlessly to the Gmail app.

And what was your first impression after testing it?
To be honest, I said to myself, “Finally!” In terms of what emails means as a technology, this is for sure a great development.

Would you like to suggest any feature to be implemented on our tool?
I think it would be great if Mailsuite could schedule emails to be sent in the future. And if there was a mechanism that allowed automatic follow-ups to emails that haven’t been opened — that would awesome.

David, is there any online tool you would recommend to our blog readers?
I’m a heavy user of Push to Kindle, a plugin that allows you to send any type of articles or texts to an ebook reader. And I am a real enthusiast of Lastpass, a password manager that works really well and is super safe.