Privacy and Security Center

Mailtrack services are trusted by more than 116,000 paying subscribers and companies around the world.

Audited by Google

Mailtrack's deep integration with Gmail requires Mailtrack to undergo a yearly security audit assessment by Google. View certificate.

GDPR compliant

Mailtrack complies with the GDPR, the European Union's strict data protection regulations. More at our Privacy Policy.

Is Mailtrack GDPR compliant? Can you exercise my rights from GDPR?

Yes, Mailtrack is fully compliant with GDPR, the European Union's rigorous regulations for safeguarding privacy. Among other rights you can request Mailtrack to provide you a copy of your data or ask to delete all your data. If you have any request, question or concern, please email us at More information in our Privacy Policy.

Reporting Data Privacy Issues, Opt-out, Spam or Abuse

If you experience a breach of your privacy rights, wish to opt-out, receive unsolicited emails, or believe someone is misusing the Mailtrack service, kindly contact us at Mailtrack is committed to assist you with data protection issues. Learn more.

Can you stop Mailtrack from accessing your account, delete your data and remove Mailtrack extension

Yes, you can totally do that:

  • Remove all Mailtrack access permissions to your Gmail account. Learn more.
  • Delete completely your Mailtrack account and all personal data. Learn more.
  • Remove the Mailtrack extension from your browser. Learn more.

Can anybody from Mailtrack access the content of my emails?

No. Your email's content (body) is not stored on our servers, so nobody can access the content of your emails.

Why is it necessary for Mailtrack to have permissions for accessing, deleting and sending emails?

We need to obtain these permissions for technical reasons necessary for our features to work, but they are automatic processes with no human intervention. No one from the Mailtrack team has access to your emails. For instance, the Mailtrack Campaign functionality necessitates access to your email to generate multiple copies for every recipient and then delete all but the one in the sent folder. Learn more.

Does Mailtrack sell the content of my emails?

Absolutely not. Mailtrack does not sell, rent or share your emails, browsing information, or personal data. We are not in the business of selling user data. Mailtrack's revenue model is based on providing you premium paid features to enhance the effectiveness of your email communications.

Is my data secure at Mailtrack? Where is my data stored?

Yes, your data is secure at Mailtrack. Our services operate on a secure infrastructure with all data being encrypted with one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). Additionally, each year we pass a security assessment required by Google for its partners and no vulnerabilities were found. You can access the latest security audit certificate here.

Mailtrack does not maintain any of its own physical data centers, instead, all production data is stored and processed in a virtual private cloud (VPC) hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Ireland.

Security Whitepaper

We have published a Security Whitepaper that contains key information security measures that reflect our strong commitment to protecting the security and privacy of our users' information. Download Mailtrack Security Whitepaper.

Reporting security issues

In case you want to report a security issue, please read our Responsible Vulnerability Program and email us at