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Know who opens and clicks your emails in real time

See what happens as soon as you hit Send. Track individual open and click rates for each recipient, whether you send to 1 or 1,000.

Start tracking Emails

Maximize campaign impact with real-time insights

Receive instant notifications when your emails are opened to stay informed at every interaction. Seamlessly track recipient engagement right from your Gmail inbox.

Integrate tracking directly in Gmail and Outlook

Send and track personalized emails directly from your Gmail or Outlook account. Integrate tracking into your inbox to monitor how your campaign performs in real time.


Monitor all campaign results in one centralized dashboard

Send a campaign and instantly monitor its results in an easy-to-read dashboard. View email recipients, track their opens and clicks, and download Delivery Certificates to make sure they received your email.

Track PDF document opens and clicks

View and control access to your PDF attachments. Allow recipients to download your document, set an expiration date to open it, or require a signature upon receipt.

Time your follow-up perfectly

Gain actionable insights from real-time email tracking data. Did someone open your email but not respond? Did they not open it at all? Craft customized follow-ups to get the response you deserve.

Track emails on the go via your mobile device

Effortlessly send and track emails from your phone's Gmail app (available for both iPhone and Android) using our G Suite add-on. Stay informed by turning Gmail into an accurate mail tracking app.

And many other features

Track clicks on links

Tracking clicks on links in your emails to gather data on recipient behavior and interests.

Custom signature

A custom email signature can help make your emails look more professional and increase brand recognition.


Get a complete view of all recipient interactions in one place and gain insights into behaviors and preferences.

Delivery certificate

The certificate serves as proof that you sent an email, that it was delivered correctly and that it was opened.


Send a copy of your tracked emails to your CRM or connect to over 4,000 apps via Zapier.

Mobile add-on

Send tracked emails and check reading status using Gmail official app in your cellphone.


What is email tracking?

Email tracking is a tool that lets you see how people interact with your emails. You can see when they open them, click a link, or even download an attachment. This data can help you optimize your email campaigns to achieve greater results.

How does Email Tracking work?

Mailsuite uses email tracking pixel technology. Mailsuite adds a tracking pixel (a really tiny image) to your emails. When someone opens your emails the tracking pixel is downloaded and sends a call to our servers to let us know the mail has been opened.

What are the benefits of email tracking?

The biggest benefits of email tracking are knowing who has opened your emails and how they interacted with them. Email tracking data provides valuable insights that can make email marketing efforts more secure, effective, and can lead to increased conversions in future email campaigns.

Is email tracking legal?

Yes, email tracking is legal. Email tracking provides valuable insights to individuals, organizations, and businesses and allows them to interact with friends, family, clients, and more in a more meaningful way.

Is email tracking safe?

Email tracking with Mailsuite is completely safe because we’re fully compliant with GDPR, the European Union's rigorous regulations for safeguarding privacy. In addition, Mailsuite securely encrypts all of your data. This means you can use our service worry-free.

Is Mailsuite free?

Yes, Mailsuite offers a free account that includes unlimited tracking, email alerts, desktop notifications, and daily reporting. Give it a try to see how Mailsuite can take your email marketing to the next level!

Grow Your Business with Email Tracking: 3 Steps to Success

Our streamlined email tracking system simplifies your path to success with these proven formulas.

Leverage Real-Time Insights

Unlock the power of real-time insights with Mailsuite's email tracking tool to propel your business forward. By tracking email opens and clicks, you can identify the most engaged prospects and clients to prioritize follow-ups and tailor your messaging for maximum impact. You don't even have to leave your inbox to receive notifications about who's opening your emails and clicking on your links! Armed with this valuable data, you can refine your outreach strategies and focus your efforts on the most promising opportunities to accelerate your business growth.

Personalize Client Engagement

Enhance your client interactions with personalized messaging powered by Mailsuite's email tracking service. Segment your client base using tracking data and deliver targeted content tailored to their needs and interests. Easily see which emails are opened instantly, which ones remain unopened after 24 hours, and get a reminder if you haven’t gotten a response within 72 hours. By leveraging personalized messaging informed by tracking data, you can strengthen client relationships, enhance customer loyalty, and forge meaningful connections that drive results.

Optimize Campaign Performance

Dive deep intocampaign performance metrics to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement. From A/B testing subject lines to analyzing click-through rates, our tool provides the insights you need to refine your campaigns and achieve better results. Stay informed with real-time notifications, whether it's tracking who hasn't opened your email, who reopens it after a long time, or who opens it multiple times. Ensure your follow-up messages are perfectly timed and tailored to your recipients. With Mailsuite, you can iterate on your strategies in real-time.

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